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RealClearHistory - History News, Headlines, and Analysis
RealClearHistory - History News, Headlines, and Analysis

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For All Classes: Proper Heading Format

At the top left-hand corner of your page, always include the following information:
Firstname Lastname
Class (e.g. World History)
Date (e.g. 19 Aug 2013) NOTE THE FORMAT! Day, Abbreviated month, NO PERIOD or COMMA, Year.
Assignment Description (Essay, Page # and Question #s, etc.)
  • Do this for all assignments, whether hand-written on notebook paper or typed on the computer.
  • Even if your paper is double-spaced, DO NOT DOUBLE-SPACE THE HEADING.

For All Classes: Guide to writing good leads for your extra-credit newspaper articles.

Europe Trip Weblink Here!

World History: Course Notes Page

World History: Geography Sheets if you want to get them early

World History: Here is the assignment sheet for the short online assignments about Mesopotamian civilizations from Wednesday 21 AUG.
World History: the Mesopotamian Cuneiform Translator is here.
World History: here is the text of the Code of Hammurabi
World History: Bringing Babylon Back to Life
World History: Hinduism and Caste Link #1
World History: Hinduism and Caste Link #2
World History: Timeline Creation Link
World History: Timeline Creation Assignment Sheet
World History: Hand in your timeline using this page.
World History: Roman Emperor Profile
World History: Columbus Primary Source Assignment Sheet

World History: Columbus Sources

World History: Another Columbus Source
World History: Pre-Columbian Native Populations

World History: Columbus Links

World History: Crash Course Mongols Video

World History: Tokugawa Japan Webquest

World History: Tokugawa Japan link

World History: Animated Map, End of WW1.

World History: History Channel Video, end of WW1.

Empires Throughout History EMBED

US History: Course notes page

US History: The online data for the Reconstruction activity is here.
US History: Dakota Conflict 1862 video.
US History: Labor Investigation Report.
US History: Historical Grain Prices
US History:

US History: Animated map - end of WWI

US History: Red Scare Cartoons Red Scare Cartoon Questions

US History: FDR Inaugural Address, 1933

US History: FDR Inaugural Video

US History: 1930s Pop Culture

US History: WW2 in Europe Map WW2 in Europe Narrative WW2 in the Pacific Map WW2 In the Pacific Narrative

US History: Distance/Direction Calculator

US History:

US History: Holocaust Victim/Survivor Datasheet

US History: Holocaust Identity Card Database

World Mythology: Course notes page

World Mythology: Write Your Own Creation Myth Assignment Sheet
World Mythology: How will I grade it? Creation Myth Rubric
World Mythology: Really cool Gilgamesh animated video that summarizes the epic!
World Mythology: Submit your Final Projects here!